16 Hotel Fails That’ll Make You Want To Just Stay Home Forever

For people like me who love traveling, nice hotel rooms are basically the best.

I love hanging out in a space where I’m not responsible for cleaning up, and getting away always helps me reset and unwind. I’ve been in my fair share of dumpy hotels, too, but for the most part, my experiences have been positive.

If you want to see what can really go wrong, though, the internet is here to help. Travelers have taken to Reddit to post pictures of the strangest things they’ve ever seen in hotel rooms, and let me tell you, they are hilarious and so, so odd. Here are 16 of the best.

1. Ummm…I think this defeats the purpose.

2. This is so awkward, especially if you’re staying in the room with a coworker like the person who shared this image.

3. The look is everything, I guess.



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